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Apple Iphone 14

Apple iPhone 14 can be introduced as a turning point in apple phone broadcasting. Beyond traditional Apple phones, this Apple iPhone 14 phone can be introduced as a phone that has made a big change in design and software.

Apple has removed the notch from the iPhone 14

Talking about the design of the iPhone 14, the main difference that can be seen is that the notch that has come so far has been removed. You can see the appearance of the Apple iPhone 14 in the video below.

Apple iPhone 14 with USB type c instead of lightning

According to the information currently available, it is reported that USB type c has been used instead of the lightning charging port in the apple iPhone 14. If indeed it is true, it will surely be a great comfort to Apple customers.

Apple iPhone 14 comes with a fingerprint on the screen

And through the fingerprint sensor on the screen, Apple has provided the customer with the opportunity to view a wide range of images. Removing the fingerprint sensor that was in the home button of many phones with Apple 10 and continuing to come to the market with an on-screen fingerprint sensor is a great achievement.

In-screen fingerprint scanner as well as Face ID on apple iphone 14
Apple Iphone 14

Apple iPhone 14 powered by A13 chipset

The most important and most important thing is that this Apple iPhone 14 phone is powered by Apple’s latest chipset, A13. Therefore, any heavy app can be run without any lag on this phone.

It is our feeling that Apple phones are now going to release more powerful phones in the market by incorporating important features of android phones.